Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A New Social Network!!

My Profile

I stumbled across a new social network called, oddly enough, "Can Be Social." Can Be Social is a place where you can be an anipal or stuffie and not have to worry that you'll be kicked out for being a "fake profile."

It's easy to sign up. There's even a captcha to keep the spammers out! Membership is moderated so be patient. Snuffy asks me to tell you...
Can you mention to anyone wanting to join that all accounts are moderated due to spammers. I check at least every day but if they are in a rush, they can send me a message to activate them sooner.

I'm making new friends. Some of them we know from twitter for facebook.

My first "Can Be Social" friends:
Kolo Martin [twitter] - who found me a wonderful place to live.
Leroy Martin [twitter]
Snuffy Norton-Bearmani [twitter]
Saila and the Asherbears [twitter]
Toddy Furrington [twitter]