Thursday, December 19, 2013

#NCNP Sleigh Race

#NCNP Sleigh Race Team 3 Team Captain @kittehboi.
#NCNP Sleigh Race Team 3
Clydesdale Beer Sled

I had a lot of fun at the #NCNP Sleigh Race at Nipclub Monthly. I was on the Team 3 Clydesdale Beer Sled with my cats - Team Captain @kittehboi Mr. Breeze and @sisfurcats Bugs and Chilipepper.

Our sleigh featured the delightful @hookalopes, Goddesses of the night. Also along for the ride were my baboon pal @Kolo Martin, @George the Duck and #MiniBreeze - who lives here but is traveling so I haven't met him yet.

Breeze's twitter pals @Winston Tabby and @Barnabas Kitten rounded off the crew.

I have no idea who won the race but we all had a blast!

Train Watching

Train Watching.

We hiked at the War Memorial park again. I like it because commuter trains drive by all the time.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

@Kolo_Martin of Baboon HQ

Kolo Martin

The handsome baboon wearing the Arsenal shirt in the photo above is the famous Kolo Martin. Kolo lives at Baboon HQ in the UK along with many of his baboon friends. In fact, Kolo has so many baboon friends that he's started a worldwide baboon rehoming project. I was the 81st rehoming and you can read about me on Kolo's world - Update from Baboon HQ.

Do you want to adopt a baboon? Follow Kolo Martin on twitter.

Photo credit:
Kolo Martin,
Kolo's World

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

My First Snow!

My First Snow!

It got very cold out and then white stuff fell out of the sky. The cats tell me it's called "snow." It's very pretty.