Thursday, December 19, 2013

#NCNP Sleigh Race

#NCNP Sleigh Race Team 3 Team Captain @kittehboi.
#NCNP Sleigh Race Team 3
Clydesdale Beer Sled

I had a lot of fun at the #NCNP Sleigh Race at Nipclub Monthly. I was on the Team 3 Clydesdale Beer Sled with my cats - Team Captain @kittehboi Mr. Breeze and @sisfurcats Bugs and Chilipepper.

Our sleigh featured the delightful @hookalopes, Goddesses of the night. Also along for the ride were my baboon pal @Kolo Martin, @George the Duck and #MiniBreeze - who lives here but is traveling so I haven't met him yet.

Breeze's twitter pals @Winston Tabby and @Barnabas Kitten rounded off the crew.

I have no idea who won the race but we all had a blast!