Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meet Zephyr!!

Meet My New Kitteh.

I got a stuffed fabric kitteh from the Hmong craft booth. He is quite affectionate. He sits on my shelf with me when I'm chilling at home.

It was hard to pick a name for a kitteh. We already have a MiniBreeze. He's touring the world right now but I hear he's really sweet. MiniBreeze has his own bloggy where he tells all about his travels.

As I thought it through, Micro-, Nano-, Pico- or FemtoBreeze would be too unoriginal. Maybe a name of a famous wind like Sirocco, Passat, or Chinook... no, that's the names of two cars and a helicopter!

Wind gods? YES!!! The name Zephyr means God of the West Wind or it can mean a soft gentle breeze. That's my kitteh!

Zephyr Is My kitteh!