Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shopping for Crafts @PhillyFolkFest

No trip to the Philly Folk Fest would be complete without a trip to the craft area. It was cool to watch people make jewelry, to taste new foods, and to buy clothing.

I'm a Flower Baboon!

After meeting Corny and Gator I went to the craft area. They had a Carnival Funny Photo for me to put my face in.

Liquid Monkey

After the Hmong crafts booth where I got my kitteh there was a store called Liquid Monkey. I was a bit taken aback until I realized they're a glass blower.

Modeling a Tie Dye Bandanna.

I especially liked the tie dye store. I bought a cute bandanna.

Oh Dear... A Folk Fest Toaster?

And finally we went to the souvenir shop where I bought a "My First Folk Festival shirt." I don't need a toaster right now but if I did, it would be silliness to burn the Folk Fest Happy Banjo into my poptarts. It's a miracle!!!