Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inconvenient Convenience Store

Giant LEGO blocks
at what will soon be an
Inconvenient Convenience Store

We took the walk at the grocery store in reverse this time to see how the dreaded convenience store construction was going. They are building a new super convenience store with gas pumps in the center of town by the war memorial park. I would like to point out that the center of town contains a fast food drive-through and the back entrances of stores in a strip mall the next block over. It's hideous, actually. The center of town should be a few blocks over where there used to be an amusement park. There's a shopping mall there now that is the de facto town center.

The traffic where they're building the convenience store is already a mess because there is a confluence and then a split of two major roads. To complicate matters, the commuter trains run through it. In theory it should be a great location, but in reality traffic patterns will make using it not just an inconvenience, but dangerous.

I think I'll call it the Inconvenient Convenience Store. They are using giant LEGO blocks to terraform it. BorisKitty would like them.

We walked up a very steep hill off the road we usually take. I wasn't sure the humans would make it but they did ok. The hill is a (if not THE) high point in town. For that reason there is an RF tower and a water tower there. I tried to climb the RF tower but the humans wouldn't let me climb over the fence.

Water Tower on Nash Ave.

RF Tower on Division St.

Should I trespass?

Resting on a Rock at War Memorial Park.